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The Power of Vacuum

Join a community of vacuum users. Experience the Power of Vacuum through its endless applications. Stay up to date on advancements in vacuum technology and receive helpful insights, money saving tips, and operational impacts.

    To deposit high quality thin films for optical markets, such as Anti-Reflective and Filter coatings, a high vacuum pressure,...
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    Tags: Diffusion Pumps, Semiconductor, Turbomolecular,

    Vacuum as a key technology The demands placed by manufacturers and consumers on the quality, shelf life and resource...
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    Tags: Industrial, Medium Vacuum, Industrial & Process Vacuum,

    Devices operating above atmospheric pressure, such as valves for the oil and gas industry, are an important application of...
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    Tags: Leak Detection, Helium Leak Detector, sniffing mode

    Anyone who has used a vacuum system will know the frustration when a leak develops. This can result in poor base pressure or a...
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    Tags: Leak Detection, Vacuum Measurement, Vacuum Systems,

    As across-the-board production and food packaging costs rise and new regulations take hold, it can be difficult to hone in on...
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    Tags: Insider, Expert Interviews, Food,

    When one fix can solve multiple operational problems, it's a winning situation for everyone involved. And that was precisely...
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    Tags: Insider, Maintenance & Service, Food,

    Baking is one of the oldest activities in the field of artisan food preparation. Flat bread was produced from ground grain and...
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    Tags: Medium Vacuum, Leak Detection, Food,

    When it comes time to select a new vacuum pump or pumpset, be it for a new system or to upgrade an existing one it's important...
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    Tags: Diffusion Pumps, High Vacuum, Rough Vacuum,

    When it comes time to select a new vacuum gauge to complement your vacuum pump or system, it's important to take a thoughtful...
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    Tags: Vacuum Academy, Leak Detection, Material/Surface Sciences & Research,

    It’s impossible to overstate the importance of safety and quality in food manufacturing. Consumers’ well-being depends on the...
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