Vacuum User Survey 2020 Part 3: Use and Evaluation of Dry Vacuum Pumps

By Leybold
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Are you familiar with Dry Vacuum Technology?

The survey also looked at the awareness of vacuum users of dry vacuum technology. An astounding 80% of respondents are familiar with dry vacuum technology, however only 60% are actually using at least one dry vacuum pump today.

dry vacuum survey results 1 v2

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Have you considered additional upgrades to dry/oil-free vacuum pumps?

Those that do own dry vacuum pumps show that they have obtained the top benefits of longer running time between service and reduced downtime.

Additionally, of those that have moved to dry vacuum technology, 54% are considering additional dry or oil-free vacuum pumps for their facility.

have you considered dry vacuum

Has anyone inside your company/organization ever talked with a vacuum pump supplier about converting to oil-free vacuum technology?

For those that did not have a dry vacuum technology solution in place at their facility today, 42% have never spoken with a supplier regarding the technology and only 19% have considered an upgrade.

dry vacuum survey results 4 v2

What are the biggest benefits to using dry vacuum technology?

Survey respondents indicated a similar sentiment for the top 2 results surrounding dry vacuum technology. 44% of users felt the biggest benefit of using dry pumps was longer running time between having to service the pump. While another 44% said reduced downtime for maintenance was another key benefit.  

benefits of dry pump

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What group are you?

Which group did you find yourself a part of? There’s often no harm in talking with the supplier about new innovative technology. Many have shown that the best way to learn about new vacuum technology is to discuss it with the manufacturer. This does not mean that you may be ready to make a change, however, it does help you to be informed about possible considerations when issues might occur. Some of the other factors of those who don’t currently have vacuum dry vacuum technology but have considered it, are improving pump reliability and eliminating oil leaks. The top four core benefits shown in the graph below, and reasons to consider dry vacuum technology, solve some of the greatest challenges of vacuum users today as well as top maintenance and service concerns.

dry vacuum survey results 5

While we may not be able to predict the impact COVID-19 will eventually have had on vacuum users when we are able to look back on 2020, there is no doubt that many of the challenges vacuum users face will not change. Luckily, there are solutions for some of the greatest concerns shared by vacuum users and many are being addressed by the continued advancements and innovations in vacuum pump and leak detection technology.

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