The Green Rush

By Leybold
CBD Chemical Breakdown

The CBD industry is projected to reach at least $22 billion in the next two to three years. There's no wonder it's being called the Green Rush. What part are you trying to play in this booming industry?



Any consumable in the hemp and cannabis industries, if it's not a raw flour or a ground up plant material, has to go through an extraction and refining process.

Our customer, APTIA Engineering, doesn't actually make any consumable cannabis product for end users. However, they play a pivotal role as an equipment manufacturer for the extraction of plant oils.

The demand is so great in this industry that processes need to be running for 24 hours a day just to meet regular production. APTIA actively supports clients who are racing towards 10 to 20 tons a day! A manufacturer may be moving $50-$75,000 worth of product through the extraction process every hour.

To put it simply, downtime is not an option.

Vacuum pumps are the most critical component in the wiped-film distillation equipment. Vacuum is the beating heart of the system, and it must be a very reliable pump. When you're playing with deep vacuum distillation, it's critical to hit your target and hold your target, which immediately disqualifies a lot of pumps that will fluctuate all over the place due to factors like maintenance, general upkeep, and unreliability. Knowing all of this, APTIA selected Leybold as their provider of vacuum pumps.

Why Leybold?

APTIA knew of Leybold as a recognized brand that builds reliable products. Leadership from APTIA shared that Leybold does a great job when it comes to product support and product technical information. Through an ongoing working relationship with Leybold, APTIA has developed a system that not only works very well, but it's also a system they are confident in.

The Leybold pumps that are so critical to the process are the VARODRY vacuum pump as well as a Leybold turbo molecular pump. The turbo pump requires additional cold traps and other hardware. This combination is the basis of the wiped-film distillation skid. APTIA works with Leybold because they are able to reach out to an engineering product manager for any type of vacuum pump or product and get technical support from an expert who's not only been on the Leybold engineering team and engineering design team for that particular equipment, but has also worked with that product in the field for a number of years.

There is a lot of the excitement about being in this space, specifically the "Green Rush" hemp CBD space. As an engineering firm, APTIA can provide huge efficiency increases through the implementation of Leybold equipment. There are not many sectors in which an engineering firm can come in and provide a one-to-two hundred percent improvement on processes.

Profits increase 10%, 20%. It's across the board a huge opportunity for APTIA to provide equipment and for our equipment purchasers to have a more profitable business.


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