Meet Chef NOVADRY: The Vacuum Pump Made to Optimize Food Applications

By Pierre Lantheaume
chef novadry

Vacuum as a Key Technology

The demands placed by manufacturers and consumers on the quality, shelf life, and resource efficiency of food and packaging processes are constantly increasing. This applies even more to perishable products like meat or fish. Vacuum is considered an enabling technology, contributing significantly to optimizing these processes. Therefore, Leybold developed the innovative NOVADRY, a new 100% oil-free, air-cooled pump, as a solution to support customers.


No Oil, Less Effort

Many users in meat processing and packaging cannot tolerate vacuum pumps emitting oil, and NOVADRY prevents such contamination. That is why Leybold designed a 100% dry vacuum pump following hygienic criteria. This increases safety in applications such as tumbling, filling, vacuum packaging, and thermoforming. An additional advantage of oil-free vacuum pumps is the lower cost of ownership, as less maintenance and spare part changes are required. In addition to the oil-free screw principle, Leybold has transferred proven components and principles from other vacuum pump series to the NOVADRY, including the bearing structure and the belt drive, which synchronizes the rotors in the NOVADRY.

Seeing is believing! Click the video below and discover the six ways NOVADRY can optimize your food and packaging processes. 

Air Cooling Reduces the Total Cost of Ownership

Typically, dry vacuum pumps are water-cooled, but the NOVADRY is air-cooled. This reduces operating costs by simplifying the installation and commissioning. As a result, the total life cycle operational costs of the NOVADRY are lower than for oil-sealed vacuum pumps, and this was a key driver during the pump development.

A Broad Range of Applications

The NOVADRY also stands out due to its long uptime and robustness. Some competitor products lose their end-pressure or reduce pumping speed due to wear of the inner coating, for example. The NOVADRY, however, achieves its performance over the entire pressure range and life cycle. This makes it ideal for simple applications, which emit low humidity amounts, such as the packaging of cold products. Moreover, the pump is also ideally suited for more demanding processes with large amounts of water vapor. For example, hot meals with temperatures of up to 95°C have to be quickly cooled down by evaporative cooling. In addition to the air/steam mixture coming from the process, the NOVADRY screw vacuum pump can also handle the anticipated contamination inside the gas flow very well. These are, for example, organic acids, spices, vinegar, or other residues.


Proven in Real Life

NOVADRY has successfully passed many qualifying field endurance tests in various food applications – tumbling, tray sealing, and thermoforming. In all applications, it shows excellent performance, and the users reached the fastest cycle times and low final pressure.

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Forward-looking Vacuum Pump

At Leybold, we have succeeded in developing a forward-looking product that can set a new standard for the food processing and packaging markets. This is due to the absence of oil and the NOVADRY's quiet operation, robust design, and low lifetime costs.

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