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Articles by Leybold

Join a community of vacuum users. Experience the Power of Vacuum through its endless applications. Stay up to date on advancements in vacuum technology and receive helpful insights, money saving tips, and operational impacts.

    Can you use a vacuum pump to play golf? Check out this fun vacuum experiment that might not be PGA Tour legal. Leybold built a...
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    Tags: Insider, dry compression vacuum pumps

    By Leybold On November 13, 2019

    Premier, Innovative, Reliable

    Michael Delahunt has served as Business Line Manager in the industrial product division for the last four and a half years....
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    Tags: Insider, Expert Interviews

    By Leybold On November 8, 2019

    Great Losses are Great Lessons

    The LeyboldCARE program demonstrates our commitment to our customers' satisfaction and success. Purchasers of Leybold pumps...
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    When one fix can solve multiple operational problems, it's a winning situation for everyone involved. And that was precisely...
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    By Leybold On October 21, 2019

    I am Leybold

    For the last 5 years, Gene Ligman has been one of the Sales Development Managers for Leybold USA. Make no mistake, Gene is no...
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    By Leybold On October 14, 2019

    We are Leybold

    For 168 years, Leybold has been pioneering the development of vacuum technologies. Our extensive product line truly touches...
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    Tags: Insider

    There are currently a wide variety of rough vacuum pumps available to suit a variety of applications. For decades, oil-sealed...
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    Tags: Maintenance & Service, dry compression vacuum pumps

    Vacuum pumps are a vital piece of equipment in a wide variety of industrial and laboratory processes. Just like any other...
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    Tags: Maintenance & Service, dry compression vacuum pumps, vacuum pump

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