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Situated deep beneath the Franco-Swiss border is a massive ring of metal and magnets: the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the...
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Temperature affects the way water vapor behaves. Imagine the condensation on your bathroom mirror after a shower, the icy...
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To simulate space conditions on Earth, aerospace engineers must have access to similar low-pressure conditions. Space simulation...
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Laboratory work requires precision and relies on the integrity of every instrument and tool used to conduct experiments or tests.
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Maintenance is an unpleasant inevitability of lab work. No matter how meticulous the checklists or how clear the instructions,...
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Your work demands concentration and focus. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively is critical for lab safety, health...
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We sat down with Leybold cryo product expert Joshua Miller to find out what makes vacuum technology so important to space...
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Spacecrafts can spring leaks for any number of reasons. Unmonitored leaks can lead to rapid temperature changes and threaten the...
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